Remember the days when being anxious had a more appealing connotation? We enjoyed being anxious for that first date, graduation, getting a license to drive, and so many more of life’s milestones that made us excitedly anxious. The DSM-5 now lists no less than 9 categories of anxiety. It seems to me that we have ratcheted up the level of anxiety in the world today with the fast pace, climate change, terrorism, and the continual barrage of fear mongering from the media. But much of it seems self inflicted too.
One of my pet peeves is how we are our own worst enemy. I see this in the rise of obesity and type 2 diabetes, depression, and the incredible increase in anxiety disorders. Take a look at these graphs and you can see what I mean when I say we cause much of our own problems. We buy on both sides of the problem, the cause and the treatment. Great for the economy (and my job), but dumb.

Pretty wild huh? I swear that most people fail to see the connection! Energy drink sales are climbing and the sales of anti-anxiety meds are soaring right along with them. Energy drinks are also contributing to a dramatic rise in emergency room visits, as seen here:

I’m sure you could look at sleep meds and see the same sort of correlation. People seem to think that these drinks supply some sort of magical “energy” without consequence but the outcomes prove them wrong. These drinks supply caffeine and other sympathomimetics (think, speed) that put a tremendous burden on the cardiovascular system and hence, all organs.

It all gets back to the basics; eat right, exercise, enjoy life. Stop and think before you buy!