This is what I sent to my Senators:

The Graham-Cassidy bill threatens the health of anyone who is sick, has ever been sick, or who will become sick in the future. This bill is disastrous and will result in coverage being prohibitively expensive for those most in need of it. This bill serves to maximize profits to the corporations that indirectly manipulate health care, at the expense of patients and those of us that provide direct patient care.

The bill would decimate Medicaid, endangering access for millions of Americans. This would have a huge negative impact on low-income individuals and families affected by diabetes and other chronic diseases. Adults with diabetes are disproportionately covered by Medicaid. In Medicaid expansion states, more individuals are being screened for and diagnosed with diabetes than in the states that did not expand. As a pharmacist, I play a key role in helping people manage this insidious disease. Diabetes and its complications can be managed but patients need help to overcome the outrageous drug costs made possible by our Congress. I have had enough of health care executives pulling down multi-million dollar compensation with bonuses that are essentially based on denial of care to those that need it.

I also can see that the strategy of providing block grants will lead to diminished care and programs for special needs patients of all ages, with many good programs that provide pathways for these special people to contribute to society at risk of being eliminated.

I strongly urge you to focus on bipartisan efforts like market stabilization, taking an unbiased look at a modest “safety-net’ Medicare expansion that eventually reaches all Americans, while leaving plenty of viable marketplace options for non-catastrophic coverage. I believe it can be done.

For now, please vote NO on the Graham-Cassidy bill.

I thank you for your service and your desire to do the right thing for your constituents.

I am happy to discuss any facet of health care, because, I believe that through mutual understanding and similar ideals, we may reach a consensus.

(thanks for the form letter seed from American Diabetes Association)