More bad news for triclosan. An Arizona State University (Go Devils!) long term research study has strengthened the link between triclosan and fetal risks. Building on research at University of Florida (Go Gators!), the ASU study demonstrates a link between triclosan exposure and lowered birth size (length and weight). The Florida study and others have shown that triclosan disrupts the enzyme estrogen sulfotransferase which helps to metabolize estrogen into a form that can cross the placenta and reach the developing fetus. Estrogen regulates a variety of genes and fetal hormones including cortisol, a steroid hormone critical for maturation of the brain, lungs, liver and other organs and tissues of the developing fetus. The new ASU study data was presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society on August 11, 2014.

In 2013, a USC (Go Trojans!) study showed that triclosan impaired sperm mobility by depolarizing calcium channels. These calcium channels are responsible for flagella motion so triclosan limits the swimming ability of the sperm cells. These researchers suggested that triclosan can be used as a molecular probe to further the study of calcium channels. Good. Keep it in the lab!

This dangerous endocrine disruptor is present in over 2,000 products sold in our marketplaces and I’ve ragged on it in a previous post and in practice.

Triclosan was developed and is manufactured by Ciba Chemical which was acquired in 2009 by BASF. They’ll be happy to note that another use for triclosan has been found as a preservative of evidence of arson accelerants at suspicious fire scenes. CSI take note.

Sorry about the (cheering!), I’m getting prepped for football season.

Healthier Skin, Healthier You.    Bullshit!

“Healthier Skin, Healthier You”

Take action! Stop buying these products and demand their removal from the marketplace!